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How To Save Thousands Of Dollars Each Year (part 2)

Last week i shared a couple of ways to reduce your daily expenses and save more money for yourself. Today am going to discus the following few tips to help you achieve your saving goals. In no particular order;

Switch Off  Electrical Appliances When Not In Use- You may say "really how does that affect my financials?  But i'll remind you that every time you turn off your TV or Kettle and other appliances without properly switching it off from the power point, the meter keeps reading on that particular power outlet, even without the appliance being in use, which in turn keeps increasing your kilowatts usage and effectively your bill. It may seem like a small amount each day, but the bill does add up each month or quarterly depending on your electricity charge routine.
My Advice - Turn off appliances from the switch when not in use, to save a bit extra on your electricity bill.

Buying Work Lunch Everyday, Not Good For Your Savings - Many of us like this time of the day, we head ou…

How To Save Thousands Of Dollars Each Year ( Part 1)

Do you know that there are simple things you can do daily to save money on your living cost. Simple changes to your everyday routine that'll see your monthly or yearly budget slashed. Although many of us don't think much of these things, but at the end of the day, these habits make our cost of living surge year after year. But don't worry, I've got some tips for you, on ways to save more and spend less. In no particular order;

Use Fan To Ventilate Your Home - We all love the chills of air-conditioning, i mean who doesn't. Especially those hot sticky summer days, you want to turn on your AC from dusk to dawn for cooler temperature but unfortunately, the cost of running an air-conditioning is far more expensive than using fan. Do you know that Fan uses almost the same amount of power as your light bulb (very cheap) whilst delivering some cool breeze to help you stay cool during the day. This make it the cheaper option for you and your family this summer.

Here's my…

Sick Of Your Fab-Diet, Try This; Best Weight loose Strategy

Losing weight is an ever raging battle for the average modern person. At some point in our lives, we all try to lose weight, keep in shape and stay healthy, but the reality is far from the truth. The battle is getting harder and harder to win, thanks to our overly convenient lifestyle of quick takeaway meals delivery options, which increases sedentary lifestyle. No thanks to all these reason, the battle of losing weight is not anywhere near OVER
While many people swear by one option or the other, as their go-to for losing weight, i myself have tried a few, including going to the gym, which i did for three months. But unlike some people i see at the gym, i ended packing a few more kilos, due to fact that when i go to the gym, i end up working myself to death, using as many equipment, and spending as much time as i can, which i thought was good. But the problem with my loose-weight-fast theory is that, when i get home, i end up finishing all the food i have at home, cause for some reas…

Is Ignorance The Reason For Racism? Your Thoughts Please

Very often these days, we are faced with the ugly realities of racial discrimination in our society. Be it in schools, offices, public transports, restaurants and other public places. It is becoming a daily occurrence that people of African heritage are targeted for racial discrimination by various  groups, and systems structured to this effect.
 As an African woman myself, i have been frowned upon, when i enter into certain shops to patronize a business. I have been impolitely served at restaurants (on many occasions i waited a lot longer, than those who enter the restaurant after me, to be served the same meal) I have been overlooked at various service places by attendees, who would pretend they didn't notice me in front them, and would go on to serve every other person, before coming hastily to ask me what i wanted. Many people are been denied employment, even when the applicant have the qualification and the skill, they're still not considered because of their race. There a…

3 Shocking Truth About Poverty No One Talks About

The sad truth about poverty is that,  It's a very demeaning and painful situation to live in. It impact everything about the sufferer. It impacts their self-esteem, their ability to dream big, their ability to make better or more positive decisions, and causes lack of every necessity required to live a decent life. 

  Another sad truth about poverty is that, it affects everyone at any stage in life. Some people are born into under-privilege situation, forcing them to experience poverty and deprivation from the get go. Others experience poverty due to circumstance beyond their control, in their later years. But no matter the diversity in experience, the one thing people experiencing poverty have in common is that; it impacts more than just their economic limitation. It affects people in more ways than the rest of us truly understand.
  Although in this modern days, there are several ways people can get help in their communities, through various local charities, that support strugglin…

Distant Relationship Don't Work; What You Need To Know

The second misconception about relationship and marriage I want to discuss today is that Distance Relationship Don't Work . People believe distance can ruin any chance of a happy or lasting relationship and marriage. But I'll say NO to that argument, this is just a myth, these claims are unfounded. Distance can only be used as excuse if the two people involved in a relationship, were not committed to make their relationship work in the first place.   While many of us prefer to be closer, or to live with our partners, some of us don't have that luxury, due to jobs/career reasons. But the fact that you live apart from your romantic interest, doesn't mean your relationship is doomed to fail, because it will not, unless you or your partner wants it to. You should never let this myth stand in the way of your happiness.

 Again I'll use myself as an example, my hubby and I have been together for eight years, and in all that time, we have been in long distance relationship,…

Poor Communication In Marriage

Following my last weeks post about Poor Communication, here is the breakdown of the topic. There are lots of myths and misconceptions about what makes a relationship or marriage work But unfortunately myths are not always true,  infact some of this claims is so misleading, it has caused many relationship/marriage to crumble. When you are in a relationship, you'll want to be happy with yourself and your partner, but that is far from reality for many, thanks to several myths they have been bombarded with for so long.    But there are ways to turn things around for good. there are imply and practical tips on what you should do to turn the magic back on. I would mention here though, that the most crucial tip to help you better your relationship with your partner today is;  Good Communication. 

The myth about Communication is that '' if someone truly cares about you, they'll understand you'' . But I'll argue that to be No. The reason is simple, no one is a mind r…

My Partner Can Read My Mind

I want to discuss an issue that has posed a challenge for many couples, at different times in their relationship, and one that has the potential to strengthen or break a union. That issue is POOR COMMUNICATION.

  '' My partner should read my mind'' syndrome, is not fair on your partner, nor is it wise for you to think in this way. Whether you're in a domestic partnership or marriage, communication is key to the success of your union. If you and your partner struggle to communicate, then you'll both struggle with everything else. Poor communication has lead to the demise of many beautiful love story and potentially happy marriages, because one or both couple lacks good communication skills,  and probably thinks their partner should read their mind and figure out what should be done in any given situation. leaving them fighting and arguing all the time, rather than growing to love each other more and more. That's where the issue lies and also what I want to ta…

3 Most Common Reasons People Are Unhappy In A Relationship

Unhappy relationship is one, in which one member of the couple is not happy with themselves first and foremost, maybe due to unprocessed negative emotions, as a result of their day to day encounter with their partners. Now these emotions can be the result of many factors, but they all have one thing in common, and that is, it stops the person ( bearer of the emotion) from living a fulfilled life or achieve their full potential, that's why I would like to discuss it today. To hopefully raise more awareness to this growing problem, among the younger generation.

Some of these Negative Emotions includes;

Unrealized Expectations- Sometimes people get into a relationship with a preconceived idea of what they want from it. Some relationship goals they expect to achieve with their new partner ( maybe get married or have kids) and they set a time frame at which to achieve that result. But when the time comes and passes without them realizing their goals, they'll become frustrated and dis…

6 Crucial Steps For Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur myself, I would like to share some personal experiences, I encountered whilst trying to start my own small business. I know how hard it is for someone to start a business from scratch, and all the work that needs to be done, both physically and psychologically. But don't be dismayed by that because, it's all worth it in the end, once you launch your business you'll be happy you took the risk. 
Here is a list of what I think you should consider, so you don't end up making some mistake which I did. in no particular order.
 1. Chose your niche market - This is basically asking you to chose what business you want to start, e.g. fashion/retail, hospitality, or services etc. Once you've made that decision, you'll then decide what particular area of that industry should be your focus. If for example you chose fashion/retail;  Should you concentrate on baby clothing or women's fashion only, or should you start a mass production of all age and gende…


Today i want to share a few tips on how to build or improve your online branding/presence. Following the last topic on, How Your Skills Can Help You .
Having an online presence is important to most things we do in this digital age, it's essential for you or your business to present a  professional image to the public, so as to gain their respect, trust and hopefully win their patronage. 
Some people hire PR to manage their online presence for them, but not everyone can afford expensive PR services,  hence this post.

​ The five things or areas to work on, is as follows-

 1. Set Up A Social Media Profile; LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Use your real name, or the name you want people to associate you with, because these platforms gives user their own URL, when you create an account with them ,this allows you/your name to be searchable, that means, when someone try's to look you up on search engine, you'll be easily found with the name you've registered with.
 Note - when fill…


I am not new to this issue, because I have experienced unemployment myself, in the early days back in Nigeria, I tried so hard to find work, in other to support myself in school but it was difficult, and very depressing I must admit, but I persevered and continue to strive despite the odds, until I was able to open my fashion outfit in Lagos before moving to Australia. so I know how it feels trust me, but that's not what I want you to note here today, rather I want you to put your skills to work. I will not glorify the situation by lamenting on the frustration of unemployment, rather i want to share with you ways to turn things around for your own benefit. I know many of you will begin to this at this point; How can I do it? I don't have the means or resources .

 Well I can tell you, that sitting at home or anywhere else and complaining about no work isn't going to fix the problem either, so here is what you should be doing instead:

1. Re-access your goals. figure out what …


The road to success is often very bumpy and unpredictable. One that leaves many hanging half way through their journey and many a times, unable to achieve their goals, which is hardly what any of us want. So today i would like to share some key things to keep in mind in your quest for SUCCESS.
Being successful is a personal choice. A choice that can be influenced by people around you, who are successful, which makes you want to emulate them, or it could come from a place in your heart that want to do better than your parents, with hopes to break free from poverty or mediocre  life, that you were born into, Or it could be your self ego that makes you want to be successful, so you don't have to live off other people or take orders  from your benefactor, what ever the reason is, one thing is sure and that is, the quest for success is a PERSONAL CHOICE.
 Many people are often smitten by success but are not prepared for the price of SUCCESS. When they watch the lives of successful people…


What ever your dream or goal is, how you go about it, makes a significant difference.  
I know we've all heard about this ''Goal setting Topics '' many times. there are tons of article out there addressing this same topic,  but the very fact that we're still talking about it, and more people are sharing their opinion on it, makes it a crucial topic in regards to personal development and that's what motivated me to lend my voice and share my own personal experience on what has worked for me so far. because we are all different in the ways we deliver our massages, which makes the tips we share either easy for people to adopt or too complicated for them to try . so here is how I go about any goal I set for myself, and thankful each of these steps has enabled me achieved them, and I hope they work for too.
 lets get started. the number one thing to do is to,

1. Decide what you want to do.  This is often the first and most crucial step of all, to sit down and thin…