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Today i want to share a few tips on how to build or improve your online branding/presence. Following the last topic on, How Your Skills Can Help You .
Having an online presence is important to most things we do in this digital age, it's essential for you or your business to present a  professional image to the public, so as to gain their respect, trust and hopefully win their patronage. 
Some people hire PR to manage their online presence for them, but not everyone can afford expensive PR services,  hence this post.

​ The five things or areas to work on, is as follows-

 1. Set Up A Social Media Profile; LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Use your real name, or the name you want people to associate you with, because these platforms gives user their own URL, when you create an account with them ,this allows you/your name to be searchable, that means, when someone try's to look you up on search engine, you'll be easily found with the name you've registered with.
 Note - when fill…


I am not new to this issue, because I have experienced unemployment myself, in the early days back in Nigeria, I tried so hard to find work, in other to support myself in school but it was difficult, and very depressing I must admit, but I persevered and continue to strive despite the odds, until I was able to open my fashion outfit in Lagos before moving to Australia. so I know how it feels trust me, but that's not what I want you to note here today, rather I want you to put your skills to work. I will not glorify the situation by lamenting on the frustration of unemployment, rather i want to share with you ways to turn things around for your own benefit. I know many of you will begin to this at this point; How can I do it? I don't have the means or resources .

 Well I can tell you, that sitting at home or anywhere else and complaining about no work isn't going to fix the problem either, so here is what you should be doing instead:

1. Re-access your goals. figure out what …


The road to success is often very bumpy and unpredictable. One that leaves many hanging half way through their journey and many a times, unable to achieve their goals, which is hardly what any of us want. So today i would like to share some key things to keep in mind in your quest for SUCCESS.
Being successful is a personal choice. A choice that can be influenced by people around you, who are successful, which makes you want to emulate them, or it could come from a place in your heart that want to do better than your parents, with hopes to break free from poverty or mediocre  life, that you were born into, Or it could be your self ego that makes you want to be successful, so you don't have to live off other people or take orders  from your benefactor, what ever the reason is, one thing is sure and that is, the quest for success is a PERSONAL CHOICE.
 Many people are often smitten by success but are not prepared for the price of SUCCESS. When they watch the lives of successful people…


What ever your dream or goal is, how you go about it, makes a significant difference.  
I know we've all heard about this ''Goal setting Topics '' many times. there are tons of article out there addressing this same topic,  but the very fact that we're still talking about it, and more people are sharing their opinion on it, makes it a crucial topic in regards to personal development and that's what motivated me to lend my voice and share my own personal experience on what has worked for me so far. because we are all different in the ways we deliver our massages, which makes the tips we share either easy for people to adopt or too complicated for them to try . so here is how I go about any goal I set for myself, and thankful each of these steps has enabled me achieved them, and I hope they work for too.
 lets get started. the number one thing to do is to,

1. Decide what you want to do.  This is often the first and most crucial step of all, to sit down and thin…


Today I want to talk about the power of positive mindset.
It is one of the most empowering attribute a person can possess, it has the power to rebuild, reaffirm and strengthen you in the most difficult of circumstances.
 If you have a positive mindset, no obstacle or challenge can bring you down. We know certain situation can break your spirit because you're human after all and you're allowed to  express different emotions. But you'll be OK if you can think positively.
Like I mentioned in the beginning of this blog, that '' the power of positive mindset is the most empowering gift anyone can possess'' but I also acknowledge that no one is born with it, we acquire this attribute at some point in our lives, either because life has thought us some hard learned lessons, forcing us to realize that the only way out of the situation is to think positive, or it could be that some of us are lucky enough to grow up surrounded by people who inspired them to live their li…


Hi everyone, hope this blog finds you well. I haven't post lately, because I've been busy working & promoting my new book which I published on digital platform. Click Here to get the book.

Titled 6-Misconceptions-about-Marriage.
I chose this topic today because it's one area most people either don't want to go, or are scare to discuss due to potential backlash from those who might feel threaten by truth .Many people have a fantasy  about a fairy-tale life when they get married, but the reality is, there is no fairy-tale fantasy in  marriage. I don't want to ruin your positive expectation about marriage, but i'll rather equipped with the right information, than to arm you with wishful thinking .

You may ask? what's the big deal in expecting a fairy-tale life when we get married?My answer is that, its a myth, there is no such thing as a fairy-tale   life in marriage, and so people should be careful how they apply this mentality to real life situation. I will…