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 Review Policy 

As a writer and book lover myself, i know how hard it is to publish a book. I also know that getting book review for self published author is very hard. I have been in that situation and it's nerve racking. Waiting and hoping for one or two readers to spare their time and leave you the much needed Review.

  Book reviews is very crucial for any writer, and most especially Indie authors, it adds credibility to your work and give readers better understanding of your book and why they should buy it. Hence my decision to add a book review service to my platform.

My Promise 

I will deliver honest review for you book, usually between 150 - 200 words.  I will not post a 2 stars review of any book, rather i'll send you my feedback, because i believe it's better than having a 2-star rating. 

Time Frame/Post 

 Reviews will take 7days to be posted. ( make sure your book is available on Amazon) I will post your review on Amazon/GoodReads/Google+/Twitter and here on my blog as wellas my website 

Books I Review;

Fiction - Mystery, Action, Thriller, Fantasy, Classic.

Non -Fiction - Spiritual, Philosophy, Self-Help.

Books I Don't Review - Children, Erotic/Romance, Money/Investment, Biography/Memoir books. 


Books between 80-140 pages = $80

Books between 140- 200 pages = $120

Books over 200 pages = $150

Important Note - I will only accept 10 books per month. So book your review quick.
Payment - Contact me for payment details. ( Accept PayPal only )

Disclaimer; I reserve the right to reject any book,if i deem it to be bigoted or language to be very offensive. I DO NOT offer refunds. You may not agree with the review completely, but my goal is to review and rate book based on genuine thoughts and unbais opinion, and as such, i will not refund any payment. 


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